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Negative Effects of Overthinking


Concerning oneself excessively with a situation or issue is known as worrying. When you worry too much, you continually think about “what may happen,” which puts your mind and body into overdrive. Numerous people with chronic anxiety describe feeling like the end is near or having irrational thoughts that simply make them worry more. Worriers are sensitive to their surroundings and criticism from others, and they may perceive anything and everyone as a potential threat. Before it becomes worse, consider consulting mental health counseling in Georgia.

Overthinking may have such a negative impact on your day-to-day functioning that it may influence your sleep, relationships, eating, and lifestyle choices. Overthinkers get so stressed out that they turn to unhealthy lifestyle choices like binge eating, smoking cigarettes, or abusing alcohol and drugs. Excessive worry, persistent dread, or anxiety can become so irrational that they impair your ability to concentrate or think clearly. High anxiety individuals struggle to let go of their problems. They could even have a real bodily problem as a result. As a provider of counseling services in Winder, Georgia, overthinkers can benefit from several strategies to help them stop overthinking.

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