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  • Amber Delmarter

    Amber Delmarter

    Master’s Level Clinician

    Answering the call to serve the Lord as a counselor has been one of the greatest choices I’ve ever made. Whether I’m attending to a client in one of their darkest moments or celebrating a goal a client has achieved, I find so much fulfillment in the therapeutic process. I am a two-time graduate of the University of Georgia…

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  • Allison Pace

    Allison Pace, Associate

    Professional Counselor


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  • J.Robyn Mosley - LPC

    J.Robyn Mosley

    Licensed Professional Counselor

    Life is often difficult, confusing, and painful. But because of Jesus we do not have to face it alone. I have more than 16 years of experience of walking with people who are seeking to live a more balanced and hopeful life. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with adult clients. I have a broad experience base, but my specialty areas include…

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  • Lindsday Adu

    Lyndsay Adu

    Master’s Level Clinician

    My name is Lyndsay Adu and I am a Master’s Level Clinician. I hold my Bachelors in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento. I have experience being a preschool director, a teacher for ages 3-5, and providing respite for children with special needs. My approach for therapy is to meet clients where they are, provide them with…

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  • Theresa

    Theresa Thomas

    Licensed Professional Counselor

    Life can be very challenging at times. It even says in the Bible John 16:33 that we will all face tribulations, but to take heart because Jesus has overcome the world. I want to be a beacon of light for those who are in darkness. I have experienced that darkness when I went through depression and anxiety and by the grace of God I was healed but it took a…

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  • dawn browning

    Rev. Dawn Browning

    Pastoral Counselor

    For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep desire to help others. It was when I started searching for help that God started to put this call to counsel on my life. This is when He gave me a new beginning. I now live an abundant life, living out my true calling in helping others as a Christian Counselor. I have completed my Biblical Studies at Indiana Wesleyan…

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  • Becky Green

    Becky Green

    Licensed Professional Counselor

    My passion is to help others find peace in a chaotic world. We live in a time where many people struggle with various issues like depression, anxiety, grief, or hopelessness just to name a few. Many people have read self-help books, blogs, listened to podcasts and sought counsel from friends, colleagues and family to no avail. Professional counseling provides…

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  • Jarvis Mejias

    Jarvis Mejias

    Certified Life Coach (Co-Owner)

    As a Professional Life Coach, I am dedicated to helping couples find fulfillment in their marriages through love and faith. With over a decade of experience in marriage ministry and 17 years of marriage with my loving wife and three children, I understand the challenges that couples face in their daily lives. My passion is to help…

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  • Betsy Mejías

    Betsy Mejías

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker


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  • Joan Whisenant

    Joan Whisenant

    Client Care Specialist

    Hey there! I’m the Client Care Coordinator for The Abundant Life Institute (TALI). I handle all things administrative for the office. My main focus is to help first-time inquirers determine if TALI is right for them, and then, if needed, to match them up with the provider who would be a good fit for their needs. I also assist our clients with scheduling, billing, insurance, etc…

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