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Betsy Mejías

Betsy Mejías, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I’m here to help you out, no matter where you’re at in your journey towards healing. I combine teachings from the Bible with proven techniques, and I’m certified as an EMDR therapist, clinical social worker, and board-certified Christian counselor. Basically, I’m here to counsel and help  you through life’s tough situations. 

Right now, I’m primarily focused on mentoring up-and-coming counselors, so I’m only available for EMDR intensives. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other EMDR-trained clinicians on our team at Abundant Life who are ready to help you out. 

If you’re a clinician yourself and you’re looking for Clinical Suprvision, EMDR Consultation, or coaching, I’m happy to help. Just book a click here for a consultation directly with me


Professional Associations

GCCA – Georgia Christian Counselors Association

EMDRIA – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association


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Note: I am not accepting clients at this time who are seeking continual care. However,  please contact me if you’re interested in scheduling an EMDR Intensive, EMDR Consultation, or Clinical Supervision. 

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