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Marriage Coaching at The Abundant Life Institute

Improve Your Marriage With Our Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitators

Marriage is not just a union but a dynamic journey that evolves and grows through life. At the Abundant Life Institute in Winder and Athens, Georgia, our Marriage Coaching services are uniquely designed to support and strengthen your marriage. As certified Prepare/Enrich facilitators, our coaches are equipped with one of the most effective tools for marital assessment and improvement.

Why Choose Our Prepare/Enrich Marriage Coaching?

The Prepare/Enrich Program is renowned globally for its structured approach to marriage and premarital coaching. Celebrating over 40 years of empirical research and application, this program is a cornerstone in marital counseling, offering:

  • Customized Assessment: Through Prepare/Enrich, we provide a tailored assessment that identifies your strengths and growth areas as a couple, making our coaching sessions more effective and targeted.
  • Research-Backed Strategies: With over 4 million relationships strengthened, our facilitators utilize a methodology backed by extensive research to foster deeper understanding and resilience in your relationship.
  • Multi-Faceted Approach: The assessment tools cover a range of areas, including communication, conflict resolution, personality, financial management, sexual intimacy, and parenting styles, ensuring comprehensive guidance.

How the Prepare/Enrich Assessment Works

Prepare/Enrich is not just another counseling tool. It is a sophisticated instrument that has been fine-tuned over decades to help identify specific areas in your marriage that need attention. Here’s how it can help enhance various aspects of your relationship:

  • Communication: Discover new ways to listen and be heard within your marriage. The assessment identifies communication blocks and provides strategies to improve clarity and understanding.
  • Conflict Resolution: Learn to resolve disputes constructively. The assessment pinpoints your conflict resolution styles and guides you towards resolving disagreements in ways that strengthen your bond.
  • Financial Management: Address financial issues that are causing stress. The assessment helps couples understand each other’s spending behaviors and work together toward financial harmony.
  • Sexual Intimacy: Enhance intimacy and connection. The assessment explores your sexual satisfaction levels and offers insights to enrich your physical relationship.
  • Parenting: Align your parenting styles. For couples with children, the assessment provides a framework for discussing and unifying your parenting approaches.

Grounded in Faith, Rooted in Principles

At the Abundant Life Institute, our services are deeply rooted in Christian values. We believe spiritual growth is integral to marital success, and our programs reflect this belief. By integrating spiritual principles into our coaching, we help couples survive and thrive in their marriages.

Begin Your Journey to a Stronger Marriage

Whether your marriage is struggling or needs enrichment, our certified Prepare/Enrich marriage coaches are here to help. Contact the Abundant Life Institute today to schedule your first session and start the path to a more fulfilling partnership.

Also, if you are a faithful Christian, we provide Christian Counseling at our facility. Contact us today at 770-246-2822 to learn more details about our services.