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Challenging the Stigma in Counseling


Quite often, people hesitate to seek help despite their need for them because they are more concerned about the misconstruals society has attached to counseling.

We recognize how serious of a problem this is, and it is one of our missions here at The Abundant Life Institute to break down the barriers against mental health counseling in Georgia.

Achieving this goal would entail our joint efforts. As we do our part by advocating for mental health and providing counseling services in Winder, Georgia, you may also do your part by doing the following:

  • Recognize that you are not “crazy.”

    Whether you are seeking individual counseling to address a mental health condition or to overcome certain life adversities, you should begin by letting go of the notion that you are “crazy.” Maintain an open mind and set aside societal preconceptions.

  • See the wisdom in asking for help.

    Instead of believing that asking for help is a sign of weakness, consider the contrary. It is far easier to deny that we require help, and it takes considerable wisdom to be able to admit it.

  • Start with yourself.

    You will be able to speak more honestly about your circumstances and goals in therapy if you have a positive view of your situation. And who knows? You might be the beacon of light encouraging others to seek Christian counseling as well.

Start the journey towards a brighter tomorrow with the help of our Christian counselors! If you wish to know more about us and our services, drop us a message!

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